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Bartek Wireline Services provides a down hole service used by Oil & Gas companies to maintain or service the production of their wells. Down hole tools are run into the well on the end of stainless steel wire. These specialized tools have various functions such as swabbing fluid, dewaxing, setting or pulling; downhole plugs, plunger lift equipment and BHP recorders. To get the downhole tools into a well we must lubricate our tools inside by rigging a lubricator onto the wellhead. This is where safe work practices are needed to ensure all hazards are considered. The lubricator with downhole tools inside is usually 3” OD and over 20’ long. A picker winch and boom is used to lift the lubricator from the truck onto the wellhead.  When wireline is used on a service rig the service rig has a winch to lift the lubricator.

Company employees must have training in H2S, first aid, petroleum safety training, transportation of dangerous goods, and WHMIS. Most of the job fundamentals are learned on the job. Year round we fight the elements to complete each job as they come. Usually we have between 10 minutes to 48 hour notice of the job required. We must adhere to Employment Standards, WCB Regulations, OH&S Regulations, Motor Vehicle Regulations, TDG regulations, and Industry Recommended Practices. With the Bartek Wireline Health, Safety, and Environmental program the Company can ensure the safety of its employees by monitoring rules, hazards, safe work practices, training, communication, and equipment maintenance. Safety audits are done yearly and sent to Enform to be graded and passed to keep our Certificate of Recognition current. We are registered with ISN, Complyworks and PICS.